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Multitrade Company
world trade balance
Multitrade Company
world trade balance
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Multitrade Company
Commodities are the tools of our success

who are we

Multi Trade is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1977 and established under Law No. 159 of 1981 regulating private sector companies. It is a leading Egyptian company in the field of import and export. It is one of the companies working in the provision of strategic goods and the work of balancing prices.
The company has human capital from the elite experts of trade, financial management and commercial development – the company includes an elite of employees headed by a group of executive managers in a number of branch offices distributed throughout the Republic.

Speech of Mr. / Chairman of the Board of Directors
The Managing Director

I had the honor to assume the position of Chairman and Managing Director in June 2018

By browsing our website, you will be able to get acquainted with our history and most prominent achievements, as well as view the history of our services, products and services that we provide in the field of global and local supply chains. Supporting and developing the Egyptian economy and securing basic and strategic commodities for the state.

This commitment made by our company’s work team has paved the way for us to move forward on a continuous path of success, to become a multilateral trading company that wants to become one of the most important major players in the field of global and local trade in various commercial and service sectors.

We are always proud of all our achievements and successes, and we seek to continue the march of progress and growth, keeping the future in mind, relying on a set of pillars built on the sound foundations of business and the best technical/commercial practices with a strategic dimension that helps and achieve the state’s vision of sustainable development in all Sectors From this standpoint, we harness all our capabilities to support and develop our human cadres in all its categories, which is our primary capital, while continuing our full commitment to our customers, partners, and the Egyptian society in all its categories that we serve.

Today, we continue to move forward towards setting standards of leadership and excellence in our work, with a methodology whose core is sustainability, development and growth to continue the march of progress and success in the service of our dear nation, its leadership and people.


Major General / Mahmoud Aboul Fotouh

Objectives and vision :

Multi Trade is working to achieve the following:

Create a professional business environment that achieves the goals and interests of the state and citizens.

Achieving balance in local markets, not allowing to achieve balance in local markets, in addition to providing the needs of the local market, in addition to retailing in the markets, by monitoring the markets and filling and plugging any deficit in them to prevent exploitation of the citizen.

Company commitment and leadership

Strives to be the main supporters discussing sustainable development and expansion of export operations abroad, to maintain marketing a pivotal role in the field of domestic.

We strive to provide the best practices that satisfy all dealing parties, including the head and customers, in addition to establishing best practices in dealing with international companies and institutions that are part of our business to spread the image of the best practices of companies bearing the name of Egypt.

Import and export operations are carried out through several countries
Gaza strip
South Sudan
شركاء النجاح

من نحن

شركة” مالتي تريد “هي شركة مساهمة مصرية تأسست عام 1977 وقد أنشأت بموجب القانون رقم 159 لعام 1981 المنظم لشركات القطاع الخاص وهي شركة مصرية رائدة في مجال الإستيراد والتصدير وتعد واحدة من الشركات المفوضة من قبل الحكومة لضمان توفير السلع الإستراتيجية للأمن القومي الغذائي.
يبلغ اجمالي حجم الأعمال وقيمة العقود التي أبرمتها الشركة خلال السنوات الماضية ما يزيد عن 500 مليون دولار أمريكي وتقوم الشركة بأعمال دورة رأسمال سنوية في حدود مليار جنيه مصري.
ولدى الشركة رأسمال بشرى من صفوة خبراء التجارة والإدارة المالية والتطوير التجاري– تضم الشركة أكثر من 50 موظف يرأسهم مجموعه من المديرين التنفيذين في أكثر من 3 مكاتب فرعيه موزعه على أنحاء الجمهورية.